High Potentials


About the Project

If you attract the best people in your industry, perfectly position them in your organization and retain them, isn’t that the key to success?

For decades, researchers, consultancies and corporations have been trying to capture what makes some people great at what they do. Is it so-called general intelligence? Emotional intelligence? A specific set of drivers? Personality traits?

Recent studies suggest that rather than looking for “high potentials”, you should focus on the specificities of your organization. You should first and foremost tackle the question: potential for what?

Here are the questions we successfully answered with a client:

– What does potential look like in our organization?

– How do we make sure we align and constantly update this notion of potential?

– How do we make sure we look for potential across our processes, i.e. from selection to performance evaluation and development processes?

The support we offered included focus groups, collaborative design and training programs.

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Marc Effron and Miriam Ort - Rob Silzer and Allan Church - Ben E. Dowell - Thomas J. DeLong and Vineeta Vijayaraghavan...