About the Project

If you attract the best people in your industry, perfectly position them in your organization and retain them, isn’t that the key to success?

For potential to blossom and deliver, various conditions need to be set. Mentoring is one of your key levers. It will allow you to make sure your talent understands how to get things done in your organization and your industry.

Research suggest it will also allow your Mentors to grow. They will share their experience, their knowledge as well as coach other generations – and be coached! Mentoring is a two way relationship which will help your Mentors stay tuned, challenge proven solutions and look at their activities with a fresh eye.

Last but not least, it will help you drive change in your organization. You will set the tone for the leadership culture you want to develop. 

Here are some key steps we have successfully supported a client with to establish a strong Mentoring Programme:

– Programme positioning, ambition and sponsoring

– Candidates’ profile definition, identification and validation

– Programme launch, including key event and skill-building

– Programme monitoring and steering, including coaching for Mentors and community management for Mentees

– Programme closure, including evaluation, adjustment and new cycles’ set-up

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David Clutterbuck - Thomas J. DeLong, John J. Gabarro and Robert J. Lees - Maury Peiperl and Suzanne de Janasz - Amy Gallo...