Executive Team Retreat

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About the Project

Executive Teams are under strong pressure from all sides – steering the business, facing internal challenges, manoeuvring around competitors’ new moves, responding to shareholders’demands…

Taking some time out can be extremely beneficial to address a variety of goals :

– Assess results and adjust the business strategy

– Address recurring organizational issues

– Align on the mission, vision and values of the organization

– Address interpersonal dynamics that disrupt the team’s performance and alignment

Here are some questions we successfully tackled  with a client:

– What are our strengths and development needs as a team?

– How do we improve communication and conflict management inside the team?

– How do we increase our speed of execution?

– How do we improve our alignment and strategic communication inside the organization?

The support we offered included a team retreat as well as targeted individual coaching for some team members.

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Resources :

Meredith Belbin - Patrick Lencioni - Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and James Macanufo - Merianne Liteman, Sheila Campbell and Jeff Liteman - Pierre Cauvin - Arnaud Tonnelé...

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