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Our Company

Coaching Across Borders started out as an on-line journal. Her founder, Fabienne Tailleur, loved sharing her 10+ years of experience of Leadership and Professional Development across the globe. She wanted anyone curious and daring enough to try out new coaching tools and techniques.

It wasn’t long before people reached out and asked her to support concrete projects and organizations. Coaching Across Borders’ readers and supporters inspired Fabienne Tailleur to transform her relationship to work and leadership! A full-blown, thriving venture was born.

Our Associate Coaches and Consultants

We are global, multi-skilled coaches based in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. We are business-savvy leadership experts. We love to keep current and we combine wise, proven methods with innovative techniques.

Coaching is our core work, method and posture. We leverage coaching tools and methods to support you. Each of us combines coaching with other skills and solutions. This gives us the power, the open-mindedness and the pragmatism needed to make a lasting difference for you and your organization.

Our Business Partners

We are agile. We believe in simple, unique solutions that will help you pull the best lever for your organization – at the right place and the right time.

We partner with a range of world-class Business Schools and global consulting firms. We know them from inside. We understand when and what they can do for you. We will pick the right partner to address your needs and bring you unique IP, contributors and scale. We will be transparent about what’s in it for us – and will help you get the best for you!